De-Clogging A Pipe

A clogged drain can put you up to your ankles in water, or even in sewage. It can be a major problem to have a clogged pipe, and it needs to be resolved as quickly as possible. The steps that you should take vary a little depending on whether you are connected to a city sewer system or a septic system. This article will cover a few basic steps that you should go through to unclog your drain if you are on a city sewer system.

Drain Cleaner

If you are on a city sewer system, the first step that you should try is a simple drain cleaner. Most of the drain cleaners contain a harsh chemical that is very effective in working through a clog. The cleaner will generally be very basic, having a PH above 7, and will therefore accept protons from any type of material. One thing that needs to be mentioned when speaking of drain cleaners is safety. It is absolutely necessary for you to wear goggles when you are dealing with the drain cleaner. A small amount of the drain cleaner can do a tremendous amount of damage to your eyes. 

Pipe Snake

The second step that you should take is to use a drain snake. These are small cables that you can push through the pipe to try and physically dislodge the clog. It does not matter what the clog is—whether you are dealing with food or a mineral buildup, a good sturdy pipe snake should be able to physically dislodge the clog. There are many different sizes of pipe snakes that you can choose from. The smaller diameter snakes are usually easier to maneuver, and for this reason, it is smart to start with a smaller diameter pipe snake, then work your way up to a larger pipe snake if the clog does not give. 


If you have gone through steps one and two and you are still dealing with problems, then you have gone as far as a normal homeowner should go. If you are still dealing with a clogged pipe, then you should call a plumber at a company like R Acres Plumbing Company LLC to see what the problem is. If the pipe continues to be clogged, then the pipe is most likely kinked or collapsed, and your plumber will be able to figure out the problem very quickly. Do not fight a clog longer than you need, and do not be afraid to get the aid of a plumber. 

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