Signs Of Toilet Trouble

No  one wants to live with the mess or embarrassment of a backed up toilet, but it often seems that problems occur with no warning. The key is knowing the signs of impending toilet trouble so you can make sure to get the problem fixed before anything bad occurs.

Sign 1: The slow drain

In most cases everything should go down the bowl on the first flush. If it starts taking multiple flushes to clear the toilet, you may have a slow clog. A slow clog is when something is blocking the toilet drain only partially, so water can trickle past. Eventually, other items will begin to buildup around the initial clog until the pipe is completely blocked. THis is when a backup occurs. Contacting a plumber to clear the pipe as soon as you notice a slow drain can avoid this situation.

Sign 2: Gurgles or bubbles

Your toilet shouldn't gurgle or bubble, especially at random times when it is not in use. This can indicate one of two problems. The most common is that you have a clog beginning and air is getting trapped behind it. Have the drain pipe cleared solves the issues. Another cause could be sewer gas is coming up the pipe. In this case, you may need your tank cleaned if you are on private septic, or you may need a septic line inspection if you are on municipal service.

Sign 3: Running toilets

The running toilet is often seen as more of an annoyance, since the water is constantly running into the bowl and draining. This won't usually cause an overflow, but it does waste water and can make it hard to flush when you need to most. Generally, you can fix a running toilet by either replacing the flapper or the float inside the toilet tank.

Sign 4: Moisture around the toilet base

A toilet should not leak or have moisture around the base. This means water is leaking out, which can become a major flooding issue if allowed to continue. The most common reason is the wax seal around the base of the toilet failed, which means it will need to be replaced. A more serious issue is if a crack has formed in the pedestal or bowl. In this case, you will likely need to replace the entire toilet.

For more help, contact a plumber at businesses like A AA Acme Plumbing & Drain Service in your area that specializes in toilet repair.

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