Why Does Your Drain Keep Clogging Again And Again?

Your drain clogs. You plunge it or use a drain cleaner, and then it runs clean for a while. But before long, the drain is slow again. What's going on? Why does your drain keep clogging again and again? Here's a look at the most likely causes of repetitively clogging drains:

Using a Clay-Based Soap

Clay-based soaps have become increasingly popular as customers seek out green, natural alternatives. But while these soaps may be good for your skin, they are not a good choice for your plumbing system. The clay soap can cling to the inside of your pipes, grabbing onto other debris as it rinses down the sink. Plunging may remove chunks of the buildup, allowing the water to flow more freely for a while, but if you keep using the soap, the clogs will come back before long.

Sadly, the only real way to remedy this issue is to stop using the clay soap. Explore other green alternatives like castile soap instead. 

Hair Going Down the Drain

Another possible explanation is that there is a bit of sticky buildup on the inside of the drain. Whenever hair rinses down the drain, it sticks to the buildup. Plunging removes the hair, but not all of the buildup, so as more hair continues to flow down the drain, the clog keeps coming back. Of course, this explanation is most likely if you have very long or thick hair.

Luckily, this problem has an easy solution. Purchase a drain basket, and put it in your drain. It will catch most of the hair and keep it from going down the drain. Empty the basket every couple of days to keep the water flowing freely.

Mineral Deposits

Another possibility is that there is some mineral buildup on the inside of the pipes. Effectively, this buildup narrows the inside of the pipe, making it so much easier for it to clog. Anything from a few hairs to a little grease can cause a clog, thanks to the very narrow opening that the mineral deposits left.

Unfortunately, you can't really remove mineral deposits from the inside of a pipe. Your plumber can, however, replace the affected piece of drain pipe, which should help make your drain less likely to clog going forward.

If your drain keeps clogging again and again, don't just keep plunging again and again. Contact a clogged drain service for more information and assistance. 

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