Common Faucet Issues And How To Fix Them

Faucet issues are problems that can linger on for a long time before you get around to fixing them. But in many cases, the solutions to these problems are actually pretty easy. Here are some of the most common faucet issues and what you can do to make the problem better:

It's Noisy

A noisy faucet sometimes has a simple fix. If the faucet has a screw that's loose, it will rattle whenever it's turned on. You may see the faucet visibly shake, or it may leak water. The solution is to take the faucet apart, which is easier than you think. Tighten the screws inside, and see if that fixes the problem. If not, it may be a problem with your water pressure. Water pressure that is too high or low within the faucet's plumbing can cause a lot of problems, but this is a fix that is best left for your plumber.

The Water Is Mostly Spray

Sometimes, if you have an aerator installed in one of your faucets, you can end up with a problem where the water that comes out mostly sprays. That means the pressurized air is too high and it's dominating the actual water flow. The solution is to take the faucet apart and reseat or reinstall the aerator.

The Handle Is Too Tight

Can you barely get the faucet to work because the handle is hard to pull? That is usually caused by a problem with the faucet's cartridge. Sometimes, a bit of grease will solve the problem, but you may have to replace the cartridge entirely. Not sure where to find the cartridge? Look for a copy of your faucet's user manual on the manufacturer's website or contact a plumbing team.

It's Dripping

A drip in your faucet is another one of those problems that are probably caused by a loose nut or washer within the faucet head. But it may also have to do with a valve that isn't shutting correctly. That problem may warrant the replacement of your faucet head with a newer model.

A lot of faucet problems can be solved by simply disassembling the faucet and taking a look around to find the problem. But if you don't feel comfortable doing that, or you don't find any issues when you do, it's a perfectly good idea to call in a plumbing team to fix your faucet problems.

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