What You Can And Can't Do With DIY Plumbing

Most homeowners have a few essential tools in their homes so that when the time comes, they can deal with some of the plumbing issues that arise. While there is nothing wrong with this, sometimes it is just better to call in a professional plumber who will do the job right. So, when is it okay to DIY and when is it necessary to call in a plumber?


Clogged Drains

With a snake tool, you can unclog most drains in your home easily. If the plunger or the drain cleaners do not do the trick, all you have to do is feed the snake coil in the drain opening and remove whatever is clogging it.

Leaky Faucets

Leaky faucets are also easy to DIY. Most of the time, the problems is usually a broken o-ring or washer. With an adjustable c-wrench, WD-40, flathead screwdriver and replacement washers, the job will be quick and easy.

Leaky Shower Head

Fixing a leaking shower head is as simple as removing buildup. All that is required is to remove the shower head and remove all the lime and deposits.

A Running Toilet

With the exception of a dripping sink, a running toilet is the work plumbing problem. This is an easy DIY plumbing issue you can fix on your own without necessarily needing to call in the professionals.


Frozen pipes

Frozen pipes can cost you hundreds of dollars in plumbing issues and should only be taken care of by a professional plumber. If you find a leak or if you detect a frozen pipe, have a professional check it out before the pipes burst and cause even more problems.

Water Line Damage

If your plumbing system incurs some damage, the whole system could be at risk. This is not something you should attempt to do on your own because it will cost you a lot if you are unsuccessful. A professional plumber is sure to know what to do and how to solve the problem.

Water Heater Installation

You should not attempt to install a new water heater by yourself. If a water heater is installed incorrectly, it could lead to a dangerous electrical situation. An incorrectly done gas installation could also lead to dangerous gas leaks. Hiring a plumber to do it is the best way to get the job done.


Whether you want to update a room or remodel the whole house, all the plumbing renovations should be left to a professional plumber. This will prevent any future problems from occurring in your home.

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