Choosing A Restroom Solution For Your Event

There are a lot of things to think about when you are putting on an event, but one of the most important is the restroom option for a large gathering. You could bring in a bunch of blue portable toilets, but what if there was another option? There are some other possibilities that you should consider.

Renting Portable Toilets

How many times have you gone to an event, and the bathroom was a portable toilet that people can use? They are clean when the day starts but because they do not get cleaned and they do not flush, it doesn't take to long before they are quite unpleasant to use. They are better than no restroom at all, but what if there was another solution? You could rent more blue toilets, but there is a solution for you and your guests.

Restroom Trailers

The idea of a restroom trailer is just like it sounds—a towable trailer that has 4 or 5 small restrooms in it and offers to plumbing so flushing is possible. They also have sinks and running water in them so that your guests can wash their hands after using the facilities. There are several variations with accommodations for the handicapped as well. While these might not be affordable in large numbers for one event, if you have an event year after year, you might buy a couple at a time until you can provide your own restroom facility. In the long run, the cost savings from the rental of the blue toilets being eliminated might just make the cost worth it. 

Renting Options

These restroom trailers are available to be rented by many rental companies and some of them are very nice. There are interiors that are as nice as a bathroom in your home or as utilitarian as a portable toilet—the choice is yours to make. Select the size, style, and price range you want for your restroom solutions, but remember that they still need to be maintained throughout the event. Just because they are nicer doesn't mean everyone will treat them that way.

Locating Restroom Trailers for Rent

The best place to look for a rental restroom trailer for your event is a rental company like AAA Pumping Service. The choices might be a little limited, but the possibilities are nearly unlimited if you ordered one special. Take a ride to the rental company and look over the options. You should take on the research and look at these sooner than later if you are going to use them. The rental company may need to have more shipped in if they only have a couple.  

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