Repairing Leaks Around Your House

One of the things you should learn how to do with regards to maintaining your home is how to take care of leaks. Leaks around the house are something that you don't want to neglect because they will only get worse and costlier to have taken care of if you don't get them while they are small. Also, leaks can cause other damage, such as damage to cabinets, flooring, and walls. Here are some things you should know about repairing leaks:

How to fix a leaking sink

If you have a leak coming from the actual sink and not the pipes, then you need to locate the exact source of the leak. If you have a crack in the sink then your best bet is to replace the sink with another one. If the leak is coming from the top of the sink where it meets the counter then you can repair it by drying the area well and using a thick layer of caulking all around the sink.

How to fix a leaking pipe under the sink

If you have a leaky pipe under the sink you need to first figure out if it is the actual pipe or the connection. If it is the pipe, you'll need to buy a replacement one and replace it. If it is the connection, you'll need to reseal the connection. Either way, you want to turn the water to the sink off and put a bucket under the pipe. Take the pipe out by loosening the connectors. Take the same pipe (if it's still okay) or your new pipe and make sure the ends are clean and free of old plumber's tape. Then, wrap new plumbers tape around both ends tightly and somewhat liberally, but not so much that the pipe won't fit back in place. Put the pipe back in place, tighten the connectors, turn on the water and the problem should be fixed. If not, you need more plumbers tape or to tighten the connections more.

How to fix a leaky faucet

If you have a leaky faucet then it is generally the O-ring that needs to be replaced. You want to buy the O-ring for that model and follow the exact instructions on the package. However, if you have let the leak go for a bit then it is generally better to go ahead and just replace the faucet with a new one because there could be more damage to the faucet.

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