3 Emergency Tips For Dealing With A Cracked Waterpipe Inside Your Home

After investigating the sound of running water inside your house, you may have discovered that one of your old pipes has cracked and is spewing water everywhere. If so, use the following emergency tips for dealing the pipe so you can minimize the water damage to your home.

Place a Container under the Pipe

As soon as you see the water gushing out of the pipe, the first thing you should do is place a container underneath it to catch it. Especially if the broken pipe feeds a faucet, the water will keep coming out strong.

The type of container you use does not matter, as long as it will fit in the space under the pipe. Also, place towels around the container to catch any water that flows out while you are turning off the valve, as discussed in the next section.

Turn off the Main Water Valve

Once you have a container in place to catch the uncontrolled flow of water, turn off the water valve. If the pipe is under a sink that has its own valve, go ahead and turn it off. However, do not neglect to also turn off the main valve that feeds your home.

Although the direct valve under the sink can stop the water, it may not fully keep the flow from reaching the crack. Especially if the valve is old, it could be loose inside and still allow water through if pressure from another faucet or the toilet builds up and pushes through it. Turning off the main water valve helps guarantee that the water is stopped.

Wrap the Pipe with Tape

After you have stopped the flow of water, wrap the pipe with tape to seal the crack. Ideally, you should use plumber's tape, which is designed to adhere to pipes. However, if you do not have any laying around, duct tape will also work to patch the crack.

Before applying the tape, use towels to dry the pipe. Then, start wrapping the pipe with the tape. Do not worry about making it look neat, as the pipe will be replaced anyway.

Apply several layers of tape on the pipe. These layers should keep any residual water from leaking out until you can have a plumber fix it.

Using the above tips after a water pipe cracks in your home can help you minimize the amount of water damage. Once you have the immediate situation under control, contact a plumbing contractor who offers repair services to have them come inspect your plumbing and make the necessary repairs.

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