Purchased Your First Home? Learn These 2 Plumbing Problems You May Have

If you have just purchased your first home, there are many things you have to do to keep things running smoothly. One of these things is to keep the plumbing maintained properly. Doing this will help prevent costly plumbing problems in the future. Below are two of these plumbing problems, so you will know what to do if something like this happens.

1. Water Pressure

If the water pressure is set too high, this can damage your plumbing. This is because when the pressure is too high the plumbing pipes in your home can get holes or completely rupture. The plumbing hoses may also burst. If this happens, this results in very costly repairs as plumbing pipes and hoses would have to be replaced.

You can check the water pressure on your own if you prefer. There is a pressure gauge that you can purchase at a hardware store or online. The gauge you purchase will come with complete instructions on how to use it.

For residential homes, water pressure is generally around 45 to 80 pounds per square inch (psi). If the pressure registers at 40 psi or below, then your water pressure is too low. If the pressure reads 80 psi or above, then the water pressure is too high.  To take care of high water pressure, you can install a valve that reduces the pressure.

If you have to run your dishwasher each day, run it during the night when you are sleeping. This will prevent the dishwasher from using water pressure during the day when you will use things like your faucet, shower, washer, etc.

2. Kitchen Drains

You likely use your kitchen sink daily. Because of this, the kitchen drains can easily become clogged. If this happens, water will not drain properly. At this point you could try a drain cleaner or a plumber's snake. If the drain cleaner does not work, however, the clog is too far down into the pipe to get out on your home.

A plumber has a snake that works much better and can get further down into the pipes. If they are not able to get to the clog, the plumber can remove plumbing pipes to get the clog out.

To prevent clogs in the future, never put any fats or oils down the drain. This could be oil from cooking or butter.

If you have any problems, contact a plumber to come to your home. If you ever have any type of water leak, many plumbers are available 24/7, as this is considered an emergency. For more information, go to websites like this one. 

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