Plumbing Tips For Your Vacation Rental Property

Imagine receiving a call from a tenant in your vacation home at 2 am about a blocked toilet or a burst drain pipe. Such a situation is hardly ideal especially if the property in question is perhaps not even in the same state.

Many people's vacation property is usually a long distance away from them. This means that they are almost always in a poor position to respond in case of an emergency. Plumbing issues are especially problematic due to the inconvenience they cause to tenants and damage they cause to the building. There are a few things you should consider with regard to plumbing in such homes.

Winterize the Plumbing

If you have a vacation home that you only use in summer, you should ensure the plumbing is winterized. Failure to do this could mean angry calls from tenants staying during the winter or coming back the following year to a house that has been extensively damaged by water.

Frozen pipes can cause pipes to burst. When this happens in a house you don't visit for months, it could be a very long time before you know that something is wrong. Winterize the plumbing to ensure it remains in good condition in your absence.  

Let Tenants Know How to Take Care of Plumbing

Plumbing in holiday homes may be exposed to problems that tenants are not accustomed to dealing with. For example, a vacation home near the beach will have a problem with sand. Sand can quickly clog the plumbing if it ends up in the drains. Advising your tenant to ensure that they wash off sand outside when coming from the beach can help to reduce the possibility of this. You should do the same for guests in case you're entertaining at the holiday home.

Have a Plumber Nearby

Despite your best efforts, the fact of the matter is that things can still happen that are beyond your control. A tenant might throw something down the drain that they're not supposed to or a natural disaster could leave the plumbing in bad shape. Even if you're far away, you'll still have to deal with the problem.

A plumbing and heating contractor that's conveniently located near your holiday home can be a great help. When you have established a good relationship with them, you'll know that you can trust them to take care of any issue in your holiday home, even in your absence. To learn more, contact a company like Bill Rhiner's Plumbing, Heating & Cooling

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