Tips To Prepare For A New Water Heater Installation

No one wants to go without hot water for longer than possible, so scheduling a new water heater installation is usually a time-sensitive proposition. The following tips can help you prepare for the installation so it can be completed as quickly as possible.

Tip #1: Clear the area

Water heaters are often installed in one of three places: the garage, a basement room, or in a dedicated closet. Make sure there are no items are blocking access to the heater or the area where the installer will need to work. In a basement or garage, clear an area that is at least three times the size of your current hot water heater. This provides space to stage the new heater as well as space to work. For a dedicated closet, make sure the doors aren't blocked. You may also need to remove the door from the closet temporarily if it will interfere with moving the water heaters in and out of the closet.

Tip #2: Prepare an access route

In most cases, the installer will need to transport the heaters and their tools into your home in order to reach the hot water heater. This means you will need to provide an access route that allows them to push a dolly carrying the bulky water heater. Remove anything that could pose a tripping hazard or make it difficult to move the heater, such as loose rugs and runners. If you need to protect the flooring, perhaps due to inclement weather, you can lay down a tarp or dropcloth. Just make sure to tape it down so it doesn't shift and cause a tripping hazard. If at all possible, lay out the route in a manner that avoids stairs. For example, if your front porch has steps leading to the door, but there is step-less house access via the garage, choose the garage as the access point for the installer.

Tip #3: Inquire about the details

Finally, there are details that can vary depending on the type of hot water heater and your home. You need to ask the installer what to expect before your installation date. For example, if welding is necessary for your installation, you need to make sure fire and smoke detection systems are temporarily turned off. You may also need to provide access to your electrical panel, especially if an upgrade to an older panel may be necessary to complete your water heater installation.

For more help, contact a water heater installation company, such as Moon Valley Plumbing.

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