3 Signs Your Septic System Should Be Serviced

A septic system that is functioning effectively is key for a few reasons. While you want to remove waste out of your home properly, the septic system is also important for the safe disposal of waste that does not affect the environment. Unfortunately, most homeowners are not familiar with when or how they need to service their septic system. Here are a few signs it is time to service your septic system.

Slow-Moving Drains

One of the first signs homeowners may notice is that their drains are moving slowly. Therefore, if your sink, tub, shower, and toilet drains are not draining efficiently or they are starting to clog, there is most likely an issue with your septic system.

Slow-moving drains could stem from a variety of issues, though. You may have a clog in the one drain, but if multiple drains are becoming problems, your septic tank or septic lines may be full and in need of pumping/cleaning.


A septic smell is not pleasant. While it may be first noticeable outside your home around the actual septic tank, the odor can quickly move into the home or up through the drains into your bathrooms and kitchen. Most people compare the smell to rotten eggs, which is a sign of septic gas.

Pumping the septic lines and tank will most likely be necessary, since the odors are stemming from an excessive buildup of waste. Not only will this service remove the odors, but it will also ensure your drains are working properly.

Flooded Yard

A septic system that is working properly will never allow water or waste to seep out, since the removal and disposal is all completed underground.

One of the worst signs you can face is a flooded yard or pooling water around the actual septic tank. If your yard is heavily moist or there is actual water pooling out of the ground near your septic tank or septic lines, there is a leak that must be addressed immediately.

It is also important to document any areas of your yard that appear greener and more lush than others, especially if these areas are located over a septic line or your septic tank. This greener, lusher grass may be a sign of excess moisture, which could stem from a leaking septic line underground.

Whether you have actual water pooling or lush landscaping in one location, have your septic system serviced quickly.

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A septic system that is functioning effectively is key for a few reasons. While you want to remove waste out of your home properly, the septic system

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