Tips To Help Design And Install An Outdoor Kitchen

Installing an outdoor kitchen can be one of the greatest things that you'll ever do for your home. When it comes to cooking, people either love it, or they hate it, but many of them agree – when you move the kitchen outdoors, it makes cooking a whole lot more fun. Here, you'll find a few tips to help you plan the perfect outdoor kitchen design and installation.

Gas Line Installation

Before you do too much, you'll want to first talk with the contractor doing the gas line installation. When you choose to tie into the home's gas line to power the appliances, you'll save yourself the trouble of running out of propane or having to hurry to get the propane canister filled before the party starts.

In some areas, and with some projects, permits will be needed before gas lines can be installed. This is because it's important that the gas line locations be noted and monitored. Your contractor will know if you need to obtain any permits before moving forward with the installation of the lines.

Appliance Selection

The appliances are going to make all of the difference – if you choose to opt for the lower-end appliances, chances are, you'll get a good five years of use out of them before they'll need to be repaired or replaced – unless you stay completely dedicated to caring for them.

Outdoor appliances must be able to withstand the changing temperatures, moisture exposure, and wind that it'll sustain. A lot of really great outdoor kitchen designs include an entire counter cover – this cover rolls or folds down over the entire counter to cover the stove, sink, and other countertop features.


You'll want to add a security feature or two to ensure nothing disappears from your outdoor kitchen. Two easy security features to consider are motion-activated lights and cameras. These don't need to be tied into the home's security system, but they'll be enough to scare off potential thieves and take pictures of them while they tinker around your property. Sometimes, this is more than enough to keep the neighborhood kids from taking bits and pieces from your property.

This can open the door to possibilities for entertaining, meal preparation, and family fun. Take your time and work with professionals to ensure that everything is installed properly and will be safe for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. 

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