Possible Causes of Your Home's Sewer Line Clog and Recommended Repairs

A clogged sewer line is an unpleasant situation to deal with, but when sewage backs into your home every time you flush the toilet, then you have to get repairs done fast. Here's a look at some common reasons for sewer line clogs and what a plumber might have to do to clear the pipe.

Reasons Why Sewer Lines Get Clogged

A sewer line is like any other drain in your home. Grease, hair, and paper can get clogged in the drain and keep waste from passing through. Sewer lines have another common problem: tree roots. Since a sewer pipe is outdoors and under the ground, water that flows through the pipe can attract tree roots. When the roots work their way into the pipe, the roots multiply until they block the drain. Another thing that can cause a sewer line to clog off is when the pipe collapses. This might happen due to age and corrosion and it can also happen due to tree root damage or from a vehicle driving on the ground above the drain.

Methods for Clearing a Clogged Sewer Line

If the pipe is still in good shape and the problem is just a clog, then the plumber may blast through the clog with a water jet. A drain auger is another option. This is a cable with blades on the end of it that the plumber pushes into the drain to chop up the clog. These drain cleaning methods are effective and fairly quick. If the problem is tree roots or paper, the water jet or auger will push the clog on through.

A pipe that's collapsed is a different problem and more serious to deal with. If the pipe is damaged, then the waste is probably leaking into the soil or backing up in your tub or shower. Both of these are toxic situations that need to be dealt with promptly. The plumber might dig up the damaged pipe and replace it with a new section of pipe. Depending on the situation, the plumber might opt for a form of pipe repair that doesn't involve digging in your yard. These trenchless methods involve pulling a liner or new pipe through the old one.

A sewer line clog is a little different from a kitchen sink clog since the sewer clog is probably deep in the line and difficult to reach with DIY tools. Calling in a plumber is usually a good option when you're dealing with a sewer line, especially if sewage is leaking outdoors or indoors so you don't contaminate yourself or your home while working on the clogged line.

For more information, contact local clogged sewer line services. 

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