Every Homeowner Needs To Know About Backflow Prevention

Are you a homeowner? If so, you should take a moment and think about the multiple home maintenance scheduling you should do annually. Plumbing system maintenance is overlooked by some property owners. They may assume that as long as their water runs clear, there is no evidence of water leaks, and the water does not taste bad means that their plumbing is up to par. These risk-takers could put their families in danger of drinking contaminated water if they do not have a backflow preventer. Some individuals assume that contaminated water is a risk for property owners who rely on well water. Water that comes from a municipal water source may also get contaminated. This does not necessarily mean that the city is the cause of the contamination, which is why it is imperative that property owners familiarize themselves with backflow prevention strategies and devices. The following points will help you understand more about backflow prevention.

Why is backflow prevention necessary?

It is necessary in high water pressure situations. Your home could lose water pressure during an emergency such as a burst pipe. If this occurs, contaminated substances can backflow into the water supply and contaminate it. 

What type of contaminants can enter the water through backflow?

Backflow can occur because of landscaping instruments such as garden hoses having water pressure that fluctuates. This can result in contaminated water entering the clean water. This may seem farfetched, but it can happen. The contaminated water may contain pet waste, contaminated solids and liquids, and hazardous substances such as fertilizer that is used to grow gardens or make lawns appear impressive.

A plumber is a good resource to use to understand more about backflow prevention. They can help you select the correct backflow preventer for your property. They can also ensure that you are protected against potential theft of the device, which is typically installed outside. Avoid choosing to try to install a backflow preventer on your own or letting an individual who does not have professional experience or certification to show that they are familiar with installations and inspections. After your backflow prevention device is installed, routine inspections will be necessary. This aids in ensuring that the device works properly. Contaminated water can cause illness or death in otherwise healthy individuals. If you have family members who have compromised immune systems, elderly or young children, they might not be able to ward off the effects of drinking the contaminated water. 

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