Information For Those New To Septic Systems

If you haven't had a septic system for very long, then you want to be sure to have a clear understanding of septic system basics. This is where this article can really help. Here is some information to help you know your system better.

You need to be careful with the septic tank

When you have a septic system, there will be a septic tank located on your property. Make note of where it is and consider marking the area if it is located in a risky place on your property. A risky place would be a location where you have to worry about someone driving or parking a vehicle where the tank is or driving any heavy equipment over the area. If an excessive amount of weight drives over or parks on the septic tank, then there is a risk that it will be damaged. 

The bacteria need to be considered when putting things down the drains or toilets

Before you flush anything, think about whether or not it would possibly have a negative impact on the bacteria in your system that breaks down solids. Sometimes, you will be lucky enough to find products that tell you right on the label that they are septic safe or that warn you against using them with a septic system. Other times, you may have to use your own judgment when deciding whether or not something should go down the drains or toilets. Some examples of things that can be bad for the system include bleach and other hard cleaning solutions, as well as medications. Some medications are worse for the system than others. For example, chemotherapy medications can be very bad for the system, but it's best to just avoid putting any medications into the system. 

The more water used, the sooner the system needs to be pumped

Two different families living in the same house can have different pumping needs because one household may use much more water than the other. You may think that you don't have to have the septic system pumped for a while because the people who lived in the house before you have said you have to have it pumped around a certain date or time frame. However, you may see signs telling you that you don't have much time and that you need to have it pumped sooner. Some things like slow-running drains or a foul septic smell can indicate the system needs to be pumped.

To learn more, contact a septic pumping company.

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