Why Plumbers Are Recommending PEX Pipes

Did you hire a plumber to come to replace your galvanized plumbing, and are a bit surprised that they want to replace it with PEX instead of copper? It helps to know why your plumber would recommend PEX over copper plumbing.

PEX Requires Fewer Fittings

One of the great things about PEX is that it will require fewer fittings to replace your plumbing when compared to copper. Copper comes in straight runs and needs a fitting every time you want to change the direction of the pipe. Meanwhile, PEX is a flexible tube that can do many curves without needing a fitting. It is common for those 90 degree turns that require copper fittings to be done effortlessly with PEX.

In addition, every single one of those pipe fittings with copper will take time for the plumber to make, which adds on to the total labor as part of the pipe replacement process. Since PEX requires fewer fittings, your installation will go faster.  It is likely your plumber can replace the pipes in a single day, and that your costs for labor will end up being lower than usual.

PEX Pipes Do Not Burst

You may be well aware of how metal pipes can freeze during the winter. This is more likely in situations where a pipe is going through a space that is not heated in the winter, such as behind an exterior wall, and it simply gets too cold, and the water inside the pipe freezes. Sometimes it just freezes the pipe and you need to thaw it out, but other times it can cause the pipe to burst and create a big mess. A PEX pipe will not have this problem if the water inside freezes sine the pipe has some elasticity, which will give you peace of mind about the winter weather. 

PEX Pipes Don't Cause Water Hammer

Ever notice that you hear a bang when you shut off the water to a faucet? This is known as water hammer, and it is caused by the pipes in your walls moving when you suddenly turn the water off.  This is a problem that will not happen when you have PEX installed in your home. The pipes are more flexible and move, but it is going to be a lightweight plastic rather than a heavy metal. If the pipes do move, you will not hear that loud banging that you may be used to.

Still not sure which type of pipe is going to be best for your home? Reach out to a plumbing service for more information. They can help describe more pros and cons of each pipe replacement material so that you can make an informed decision.

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