3 Reasons Why You Should Have Your Pipes Inspected With A Camera

A video camera inspection of your pipes can be expensive, although it's definitely a good idea, especially when you have no idea what the issue is and why you're having it. A camera inspection is exactly what it sounds like — a small camera is on the end of a wire and the wire is sent through your plumbing pipes to see where you have a clog, where a pipe is broken, and where any other issues you may be experiencing with your plumbing pipes are. If you aren't sure if you need to have your pipes inspected in this way, read on for a few reasons why you should.

1. To Pinpoint The Problem

Using video camera inspection, you can pinpoint where the problem is in your plumbing pipes, rather than spending a lot of unnecessary time trying to figure it all out on your own the old-fashioned way. If you have a clog in the lines but you aren't able to clear it out, a pipe inspection with a camera can show you exactly where the clog is located, how much line you'll need to snake the pipe, and whether or not it's even on your property.

2. To Save You Time And Money

If you are trying to find a clog or a breakdown in your pipes and you've had to dig up your entire yard, you've spent money and time unnecessarily. A video inspection would have shown you exactly where in your yard you had a pipe collapse, so you can dig up just that area and repair or replace that one section of pipe. 

3. To Get Back To Normal Faster

If you have a pipe collapse or a clog, it could be all that you do for the next week or more to try to find the problem or make the repair. If you figure out the problem faster, you can make the repair much faster and get back to your own sense of normal around your home much faster as well.

If you aren't sure if you should have your pipes inspected by a camera, it's the only way to go. Call a professional plumber to have your pipes inspected for you via video camera inspection, then have the clog removed or the pipe repair or pipe replacement done for you by the plumber to help you get back to your normal life. Call a plumber today to help you with your plumbing needs.

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